• WebEd 2.0 content management system

    WebEd 2.0 is a powerful web management system designed so that everyone can easily update their website fast. Whether the company has a simple or large and complicated webpage, WebEd 2.0 can manage it.

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    Powerful CMS system
    Hraunahamar fasteignasala

    WebEd 2.0 have powerful web management system with a lot of potential.

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    Elegant web template
    Speed Sensor íþróttakerfi

    WebEd 2.0 web management system is offering elegant and simple user interface.

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    Personal settings
    Glæsilegt vefviðmót í WebEd 2.0

    Users can set up their own web interface in WebEd 2.0 web management system.

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    New features in 2.0 WebEd

    WebEd 2.0 is the fourth generation of the WebEd web management system and has been rewritten from the base. We put a great emphasis on the SEO standards being correct. WebEd offer much more flexibility than before, we don´t need to be custom-made units for special needs clients as before.

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We are Think Software

Think Software is a software company that was founded in 1999 and the first assignments were building websites for smaller companies. Today we specialize in business software, needs assessment and data base solutions for the Internet along with various specified solutions for smaller and larger companies.

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Our policy

We are extremely proud of the projects we have completed and intend to develop and strengthen those solutions even further in the future. We are also wholly focused on growing and prospering with our clients.

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Our products

WebEd 2.0 vefumsjónarkerfi